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Access to a swimming pool is a luxury not everyone has, and water safety is an important skill that cannot be taught without a pool. Statistics show that minorities drown at a rate three times higher than their peers. Project 2020 aims to change this statistic. We offer swim lessons and introduce kids to water polo at minimal costs. We understand that trying to provide for your family means making choices and using your resources in the most efficient way possible. We want to help families provide their kids with a skill that might one day save their lives.


Project 2020 is a non-profit organization providing youths living in the lower income communities of the San Francisco mid-peninsula with the opportunity to learn to swim and play water polo. Project 2020 was co-founded by Skylar Dorosin and Brenda Villa, who in the last 3 years have held multiple clinics giving over 150 girls the opportunity to learn to enjoy and be safe in the water. We recognize the need to offer swim lessons and water polo lessons in communities that do not have consistent access and resources.


Project 2020 helps provide exercise, life lessons and fun to these communities; by bringing swimming, water polo and the opportunity to play a team sport to these communities.

Project 2020 Mavericks water polo swim team on pool edge at meet with Brenda Villa, co-founder of Project 2020 and Olympic water polo gold medalist

Project 2020 is a 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax deductable.

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